Artist Package One, Includes:

1. A custom .com domain name.
2. Website hosting with unlimited bandwidth for lightning fast page loads.
3. A custom 6 page website designed with your needs in mind.
4. An e-commerce portal.
5. A Standard SSL Certificate, and SiteLock Technology.
6. Embedded linking to all of your social media sites.
7. Rss feeds from your favorite sources.
8. A dedicated blog page to stay in touch with your fans.
9. An e-commerce shopping cart accepting major credit cards as well as PayPal
10. Site Back up and restore service.
11. All technical updates as needed.
12. 1 hr per month of content updates.
13. New pages added as needed for a one time charge of $49.95 Each.
14. Rapid Phone and email support.
15. Search Engine Optimization.
16. Custom Logo Design.
17. 8 email addresses automatically forwarded to the address of your choice.
18. Follow me & Shareaholic Social Media Buttons.
19. Subscription Sign up form with Akismit anti-spam engine.
20. Search Engine Optimization.

Total for Package One:

$795.00 For initial build including SSL Certificate as well as SiteLock.
$35.00 Per month with no contract. The domain name and website stay with you even if you decide to host your site elsewhere.

Compare this to other designers who charge an average of $4,500. for this type of site.

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